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Afghanistan: Taliban overrun 2 districts

24 July 2017

The death toll in an airstrike on July 21 was determined after a site inspection of the compound in the Gereshk district, said Helmand provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Safi.

Afghan officials confirmed at least 82 Taliban and 11 policemen were killed in clashes in Helmand since Wednesday.

The Taliban fighters have executed seven civilians after abducting at least seventy people in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan over the alleged cooperation with the government and the security forces.

Afghan security forces are battling a 16-year-long insurgency led by the Taliban, an extremist group that was driven from power after a US -led invasion following the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States. Safi told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the dead were police officers who were operating with the army in the area.

Khpolwak said the buses were traveling to Uruzgan province when they were attacked.

Taywara and Kohistan were overrun by the Taliban after days of clashes with security forces. Mewanwhile, in northern Badakhshan province Gov. Ahmad Faisal Bigzad said on July 22 that that 11 police were killed and another six wounded during a roaring battle with Taliban insurgents in the remote Tagab region.

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The reasons why these villagers have been referred to are unknown, but this type of operation target, in general, the officials of the Kabul government and the security forces.

Various reports said 20-30 of the villagers were later released or escaped and that about 33 remain in captivity.

He said security forces and police were fighting the militants in eight districts in the province, located on the border with Turkmenistan.

The Taliban-led insurgency has been on the rampage since late April when the Taliban launched its annual rebel offensive and intensified attacks across the country.

Again, the fatal incident, which illustrates the deterioration of the situation, which happened on the highway connecting Faryab, the capital of Farah province (north-west), to the large western city of Herat, the taliban had temporarily blocked: they have forced the bus to stop and the sixteen passengers to get off.

Afghanistan: Taliban overrun 2 districts