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Charlie Gard: Great Ormond Street staff report suffering 'shocking and disgraceful abuse'

24 July 2017

Thousands of abusive messages have been sent to doctors and nurses whose life's work is to care for sick children.

Hospital chairwoman Mary MacLeod said the London police have been contacted because of numerous threats received by the hospital's employees.

Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome that causes progressive muscle weakness and has left him with brain damage and unable to breathe without a ventilator.

Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, are battling with the hospital for the right to take their desperately sick little boy to the U.S. for pioneering treatment, which the hospital opposes because they believe it will only prolong his suffering.

Hirano says that Charlie's condition could be significantly improved by nucleoside bypass therapy but specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital said the therapy, which is being requested by the boy's parents, was experimental and would not help.

The most recent scans of Charlie's brain, which were presented as "sad reading" in a pre-court hearing before his parents were even apprised of the results, caused another courtroom outburst from Gard: "I'm not f*****g listening to this biased s**t anymore". His parents want to take him to the USA for pioneering treatment.

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"But the abuse of staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital outside the hospital and online is totally unacceptable". As The Guardian reports, the Great Ormond Street Hospital has now received thousands of abusive messages from those opposed to removing Charlie Gard from life support.

She has condemned those who have carried out the abuse as the hospital, saying that though emotions over the case of baby Gard are running high it can be "no excuse" for attacking staff who devote their lives to ill children.

The case has garnered worldwide attention and even drawn comment from President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.

Doctors at GOSH have said there is no realistic prospect of improvement and Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity. We fully understand that there is intense public interest, and that emotions run high.

The hearing was held in advance of the trial, scheduled for Tuesday at the UK High Court. The parents said at the hearing it was the first time they were being told about the latest results in the crucial test of Charlie's brain function.

Charlie has been examined by Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in NY who has designed the proposed experimental treatment.

Charlie Gard: Great Ormond Street staff report suffering 'shocking and disgraceful abuse'