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Kelly Told Sessions His Job Is Safe Despite Trump's Public Anger

04 August 2017

His nomination to a federal judgeship was not confirmed primarily because of opposition from his own state's senior U.S. Sen.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn't going anywhere, despite near constant rumors that he's either going to resign or be fired in the coming weeks.

Gen. Inch has served as a military policeman for almost a quarter of a century and most recently was the head of Army Corrections, which Sessions says makes him "uniquely qualified" to oversee the division that handles all inmates accused of violating or have violated federal law.

The relationship between the two men has shown signs of deteriorating in the wake of Sessions recusing himself from the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, with Trump calling his attorney general "beleaguered" in a tweet sent on July 24.

At times last month, US President Donald Trump was slamming Attorney General Jeff Sessions daily on Twitter. "Time will well. Time will tell". The Department of Justice also did not immediately respond. Kelly reportedly said that even though the president is still upset with Sessions, he doesn't plan to remove the head of the Justice Department.

Despite Trump's continuing anger, his allies quickly recognized the danger in attacking Sessions.

Paul Ryan expects Foxconn to build at more than one Wisconsin location
Wisconsin's top economic development official Mark Hogan said Wisconsin had to be competitive with other states also trying to land the plant.

The former DHS secretary, John Kelly, was sworn in Monday as Trump's new chief of staff.

Trump is appearing with Republican Sens.

Instead, the White House has recently embraced some of Sessions' directives.

And on Wednesday, senior White House aide Stephen Miller - a former Sessions staffer who has written most of Trump's speeches on immigration - delivered a full-throated case for slashing legal immigration.

Republican Senators have rallied to Sessions' defense.

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Kelly Told Sessions His Job Is Safe Despite Trump's Public Anger