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Memo on women crossed line, offensive: Google CEO Sundar Pichai

10 August 2017

William Gould, a Stanford law professor and former National Labor Relations Board chairman, said Google had a strong argument its firing of Damore was justified on the grounds that his memo raised questions about whether he could fairly assess the work of female colleagues.

Civil rights attorney James Finberg is working on the potential case, and told the newspaper that the employees he has interviewed are 'concerned that women [at Google] are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience'.

Of course, this kind of shrieking hysteria has immediate practical consequences: Damore has lost his job, and the neurotics who wanted him fired from Google will likely try to ensure that he can't get a job anywhere else, either.

Google fired Damore earlier this week, saying his claims about gender violated the company's code of conduct. "But every company should use that power judiciously to avoid creating a perceived political litmus test for employment".

The filing is not a complete surprise: Damore told Reuters and The New York Times on Monday night that he planned to file an NLRB complaint accusing Google's management of trying to silence him.

Even if the software engineer had penned his memo and posted it on his own blog or social media account, Rossein said he could still face retaliation from his employer.

What's clear, however, is that Google has waded into an ethical thicket. It may sit the employee down and point out that in countries like Iran, 70 percent of the engineering and science graduates are women. Pichai acknowledged that the memo had impacted employees some of whom he said are hurting because they feel their being judged based only on gender. "Whether the content was liberal or conservative, it's not appropriate for an employee to misuse resources in this way".

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'After a while, it just became exhausting, ' she added. Damore was enrolled in the PhD program, the spokesperson said.

In their view, Google's actions appear to support the "ideological echo chamber" that Damore complained about.

Damore, who confirmed his firing to the press, said that he is exploring "all possible legal remedies."

Needless to say, Google's new VP of integrity and diversity, who also happens to be a woman, gave a swift and diplomatic statement on this entire debacle. "Improving an organization doesn't start with throwing a grenade into the conference room".

"Part of building an open, inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions", she said. Business Insider's Dana Varinsky was able to debunk many of Damore's scientific claims. "The problem is so hard to unearth, in part, because mostly people keep quiet". Someone that works for one of the world's biggest companies actually believes this in 2017. Overall, women made up just 31 percent of its staff, and just 2 percent of its staff identified as black and 4 percent as Hispanic. "Take the high road and find an organization that better suits your philosophical/political beliefs"., a far-right social network, also offered Damore a job, calling his writing "a handsome work of art".

"Censorship is for losers", Assange wrote on Twitter.

Memo on women crossed line, offensive: Google CEO Sundar Pichai