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Australian Newspapers Can't Stop Making Kiwi Jokes About Barnaby Joyce

16 August 2017

Bishop was referring to two questions lodged in the New Zealand parliament by Labour lawmaker Chris Hipkins, who asked whether children born in Australia to a New Zealand father automatically had New Zealand citizenship.

Citizens of foreign countries are not allowed to sit in the Australian Parliament, according to the country's Constitution, a rule which has already tripped up a number of politicians in recent months.

"I reject the fact it seems to be acceptable conduct in the minds of the commentariat here for the shadow minister for foreign affairs to use her office to set-up a Labour MP in New Zealand to ask questions in the New Zealand Parliament".

Slowly boiling human kettle Barnaby Joyce has now told Parliament that he has received "verbal confirmation" from New Zealand that his application to renounce his NZ citizenship has been accepted, and he is now awaiting official documentation to that end.

JULIE BISHOP: I'm referring to Bill Shorten using a foreign political party to raise questions in a foreign Parliament deliberately created to undermine confidence in the Australian government.

"I greatly value New Zealand's relationship with the Australian Government".

The Labor opposition has argued that this is due to the one-seat majority the Turnbull government has in the House of Representatives, while the government claims to have advice from the solicitor-general suggesting that Joyce is in the clear.

What going on in Australia?

Joyce famously became an enemy of Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp when the couple had "smuggled" their dogs Pistol and Boo into the country.

The Labor leader made no reference to the members of his party facing calls to prove they aren't dual citizens.

The comments led to a statement from Ardern decrying the "false claims", and an emergency meeting with outgoing Australian High Commissioner Peter Woolcott.

Wait, why is that a problem?

The constitution bans MPs from having dual nationality.

It's an archaic law, especially now that a quarter of Australia's population was born overseas and another quarter have parents who were born overseas.

Regional diplomats reject Venezuela's assembly
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court imposed a jail term on the mayor of Caracas , Ramon Muchacho, who is a member of the opposition. According to the government, two of the intruders were killed and eight were captured, but the others got away.

The motion also accused Senator Wong of "causing her chief of staff to engage in inappropriate conduct with a foreign political entity for the objective of causing damage to Australia".

"The government is engaging in conspiracy theories, we don't need to engage in them", Mr Shorten told Labor MPs in a partyroom meeting today.

Senator Wong, Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman, said the party was deeply disappointed that Ms Bishop has been prepared "to risk relations with our close friend and ally".

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she would find it "very hard" to trust a Labour government in New Zealand now.

Senator Hanson, who supported the censure motion, said Senator Wong had "used her office to get information" and use the opportunity to further query Labor members' citizenship status. "They were not the instigator".

"This wrong, unacceptable conduct that should never have happened was instigated by Penny Wong", she told Sky News.

"I'm sure that everyone understands this is robust parliamentary politics".

Joyce confirmed he had been a New Zealand citizen but that "over the course of the weekend we went through the process of renunciation".

The reactions to her sweet, sweet revenge have been just as good.

"No-one sets out to confuse the public with their citizenship", he said.

Turnbull said he expected the court to rule in Joyce's favour but independents are smelling blood.

Even then, there isn't any real idea about what the court will decide.

As two others succumbed (National cabinet minister Matt Canavan and One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts), arguments raged as to whether those caught up in the fiasco were negligent or victims of circumstance.

"Assuming this passes his biosecurity laws", Heard quipped.