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WWE SmackDown results, recap: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode debuts

24 August 2017

After their significant - and unwanted - presence at both SummerSlam and Monday Night RAW in Brooklyn this week, beach balls were added to the banned products list ahead of Tuesday night's tapings of Smackdown Live and 205 Live at the Barclays Center. Baron Corbin convinced Owens to let him be the referee as long as Corbin gets first dibs at the title. However, Bryan said he was able to sign one of Kurt Angle's friends in exchange for "Raw" getting Jordan.

Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan introduced the three-time Intercontinental Champion to the man he intends to pair him up with in a new tag team, Chad Gable.

Unable to get over his frustrations with the referee change, Styles mounted a comeback against Owens and defeated him using the Phenomenal Forearm. The Sing Brothers stepped in and bragged about Jinder Mahal's title defense. Bryan told them that they should be a tag team and that they would be in action next week. The team of Naomi and Becky got the win after Becky hit an exploder suplex on Carmella and then Naomi hit a split legged moon-sault on her for the pin. It seems like SmackDown is leading towards a Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens match, and this further pushed the show in that direction. Owens wanted to pick the referee for the match and Styles agreed to it. McMahon made it clear that this is Owens' last shot at the title.

Oh hey, Dolph Ziggler is back!

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His close aide K Pandiarajan was sworn-in as minister for Tamil official language and Tamil culture. It is also expected to go ahead with the merger pact with the O Panneerselvam (OPS) faction.

We see Owens talking with Sami Zayn backstage. He said that he knows what it takes to be a star in WWE.

They started brawling then Styles sent Owens flying over the top rope to the floor. As they were arguing, Owens hit a low blow on Styles. An angry Corbin took off the referee jersey and gave it to McMahon, enraging Owens. Styles celebrated with the U.S. title belt in the ring.

That led to dirtier play from Owens, as he took advantage of Corbin's lack of fair play, prompting Commissioner Shane McMahon to rush out in an attempt to restore the match to an impartial state.

An exasperated Owens could not believe what unfolded after the match and stared blankly at the ring, which still contained Styles and McMahon.

WWE SmackDown results, recap: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode debuts