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Rep. Cohen: '2 Down and 1 To Go' From Trump's Nationalist Allies

28 August 2017

And now, with Bannon and Gorka outside the White House, they are "more powerful than" the enemy "can possibly imagine" as they rally the troops of the movement for the battle against worldwide globalist elites.

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka was ousted from his job in the White House this past week, with Gorka claiming on Friday he resigned while the White House insisted otherwise.

Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) and another California Democrat, Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland, introduced proposals on Friday to cut off two highly scrutinized White House aides' salaries, hours before one was reported out of the job.

He is a vocal supporter of the Trump administration and was mostly known for his TV appearances, where he fiercely defended the President's national security agenda.

Asked how the policy squared with Mr Trump's pledge to stand up for gay rights, the White House official said the President would ensure that such rights were protected but had been critical previously of the transgender changes under the Obama administration. During his time as Breitbart's National Security senior editor, he advocated for a clear military strategy that this most recent speech and operational objectives will certainly not fulfill.

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"Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he is no longer with the White House", that second White House official said, according to a statement given to reporters.

Gorka faced relentless criticism from the mainstream media for his views on Islam, as well as his familial connections to Vitezi Rend―a Hungarian meritorious organization originally created around World War II.

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace asked Tillerson about Gorka's accusations, especially regarding the president's recent speech on Afghanistan.

Sebastian Gorka, now former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, was sacked on Friday - or was he? Bannon, who has since returned to the site as its executive chairman, once described Breitbart as a "platform" for the so-called alt-right - a loose association of far-right groups that generally believe in such things as isolationism, protectionism and white nationalism.

But most White House staffers came to see the departure last week of chief strategist Steve Bannon as a sign that Gorka's days were numbered.

Rep. Cohen: '2 Down and 1 To Go' From Trump's Nationalist Allies