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China Rejects New US Sanctions Against Venezuela, Calls for Internal Solutions

29 August 2017

The opposition's statement comes fresh off the heels of the latest round of economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US government.

National security advisor HR McMaster followed suit, saying "no military actions are anticipated in the near future". The executive order also carved out short-term financing for most commercial trade, including the export and import of petroleum, said US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Cuba on Saturday rejected new economic and financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela by US President Donald Trump, as tensions between Caracas and Washington continue to grow.

"Maybe the United States is trying to create a humanitarian crisis in our country?" Venezuela's president said they will find new markets for the oil. The event, attended by military officials from China, Belarus and Russian Federation, was a prelude to military exercises Maduro called for this weekend as a deterrent to any US military intervention. "Obviously the United States has a lot of influence over the Venezuelan economy, but it doesn't mean we want to rush in and use our influence in an irresponsible manner".

The condemnation was made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a daily news briefing in the capital Beijing on Monday, after the White House announced a new range of economic sanctions against Caracas, including a ban on business dealings with the Venezuelan government and its oil companies.

Reflecting those concerns and a strong lobby effort by the US oil industry, Friday's action stopped short of cutting off USA imports of Venezuelan oil that are crucial both to both Venezuela's economy and to Gulf refiners.

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Maduro has used Trump's remarks to reinforce support for his government, which has witnessed record- low approval ratings amid an ongoing political and economic crisis.

Ever since Maduro announced there would be a Constituent National Assembly, countries from around the world - especially from the Americas - raised their voices to reject such actions as they consider them to be unconstitutional and bad for Venezuela's - already weak - democracy and division of power.

The #trump administration moved to place more sanctions on #Venezuela on Friday.

However, anti-government protests have dwindled in size since the constituent assembly was established through a controversial electoral process in July.

Maduro's critics accuse him of coopting the military with top cabinet posts, as well as hijacking state institutions, such as by installing a new constituent assembly packed with loyalists.

The government and state oil company have about $4 billion in debt payments coming due before the end of the year but only $9.7 billion in global reserves on hand, the vast majority consisting of gold ingots that are hard to trade immediately for cash. Trump has already signed an order that prohibits Americans to deal new debt from the Venezuelan government.

China Rejects New US Sanctions Against Venezuela, Calls for Internal Solutions