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Veteran Houston Police Officer Drowns While Responding to Harvey

30 August 2017

The officer, who served in the Houston Police Department for more than 30 years, drowned after his patrol vehicle got trapped in rising waters Sunday on Interstate-45 and The Hardy Toll, The Houston Chronicle reports. "Sgt. Perez lost his life because he tried to make it happen, he tried to get at his post ..." Acevedo said. Search crews even enlisted the help of the volunteer "Cajun Navy" to help look for Perez, Acevedo said.

"Steve was one of the sweetest people I've met in this department", Acevedo said.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo earlier told The Associated Press that he had no information on the reported drowning, but he told the wire service that he is "really anxious about how many bodies we're going to find" from Harvey's devastating flooding. On Monday evening, the search area was narrowed to Hardy Toll Road and Beltway 8. "They know it's going to be a while because we have some work to do ― work that he would want us to do".

After notifying Perez's family that his body had been found, Perez's wife said she'd urged him not to go to work that day and that he replied, "we've got work to do".

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He is survived by his adult son and daughter and his wife, Cheryl, who told him not to go into work in the heavy rains. When he didn't show up, officers reached out to his family who said he'd left at about 4 a.m. Sunday.

Officials in Harris County - which includes Houston - told BuzzFeed News that in addition to two confirmed deaths, including Perez, they "highly suspect" seven additional deaths "are related to the hurricane".

It's the 15th death attributed to Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, which has dumped as much as 50 inches of rain in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Veteran Houston Police Officer Drowns While Responding to Harvey