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Windows Mixed Reality headsets Steam compatible

31 August 2017

This means that anyone picking up a Windows Mixed Reality headset is a potential new player for developers that have a project up on Steam's robust catalog of virtual reality games and experiences. Microsoft's upcoming lineup, including gear from HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, will have their own built-in sensors that track your position. The Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset - that will ship with controllers in the box - weighs only 400 gram and a balanced crown design that ensures an even distribution of weight on the forehead, to reduce pressure on the nose and face. Plug-and-play if you will.

Dell's new Visor headset and motion controller will be available in October in the United States for $350 and $100, respectively. The company has been laying plans to democratize the mixed reality landscape and they're going to be introducing a collection of headsets from a handful of companies this October. "Along with our partners, we are committed to making mixed reality affordable". Room-scale VR games get you up and moving, and it's not uncommon to break a sweat while playing an active game. This summer, a promotion brought the price down to $399, including the hand controllers.

Microsoft also announced some tantalizing tidbits about the PCs that will be coming to host the platform.

Above: Halo among other brands that Microsoft is promising for its Mixed Reality platform. The visor can also be retracted upwards 90 degrees to make switching between Mixed Reality and old fashioned analog reality easy. The visor also features a unique flip-up capability for quickly transitioning from a virtual world to the real world without having to take the headset off completely.

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"Mixed Reality is the future", Microsoft said in its announcement, "and we want everyone on the journey with us".

Ultra PCs are notebooks and desktops equipped with discrete graphics, which should yield a smoother experience overall.

However, some things have changed since Microsoft's price confirmation. In addition to being thousands of dollars cheaper than HoloLens (which technically isnot a consumer device), the mixed reality headsets were created to be tethered to a PC. Whether Microsoft achieves that goal - with Apple, Google, and Facebook all ramping up the competition - remains to be seen.

The new Halo VR project is being developed by 343 Industries.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets Steam compatible