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Hungary, Slovakia lose fight against European Union migration deal

07 September 2017

Human rights groups have criticized Hungary and Poland for their reluctance to take in any refugees.

Hungarian and Polish leaders, in particular, often describe Muslim refugees as potential security threats.

"Politics has raped European law and values", he added.

Over the past few years Europe has been faced with millions of refugees and asylum seekers escaping war zones and hardship from across Africa and the Middle East.

But the Commission says "significant additional efforts" are needed to cut the asylum application backlog and improve processing in Greece so more people can be returned to Turkey.

A further 7,000 asylum-seekers who arrive before September 26 can be redistributed to other EU countries from Italy and another 4,700 from Greece, according to the European Commission.

"Slovakia and Hungary which, like the Czech Republic and Romania, voted against the adoption of the contested decision in the Council [of the European Union], have asked the Court of Justice to annul the decision ..."

Slovakia is not included in the legal action.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said he respected the court decision, but that his government still does not like the relocation plan, which he and others in Eastern Europe see as quotas imposed on them by unelected European Union bureaucrats in Brussels.

"Our position on quotas does not change", Prime Minister Robert Fico said.

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Pradhan and Naqvi retained their portfolios of Oil and Gas and Minority Affairs respectively. Another leader from the generation, Amit Shah, is already at the helm of party affairs.

In March 2016, the European Union made a $7.1 billion deal with Turkey to have that country help alleviate the flow of migrants to European Union nations, making Turkey essentially a refugee buffer zone, as NPR's Lauren Frayer reported at the time.

The ruling was inevitable and puts Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic on a collision course with the European Union's legal order.

The measures were legally taken by the EU Council and did not require ratification by individual governments, its news release said.

However, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto slammed the verdict as "irresponsible", saying it "threatens the security of all of Europe".

"Solidarity is not a one-way street", he said. "But now we can expect all European partners to stick to the ruling and implement the agreements without delay", Gabriel said in a statement. Under the plan, Hungary would have temporarily taken in 1,294 asylum-seekers and Slovakia 902, the Associated Press (AP) newswire reported.

"ECJ confirms relocation scheme valid".

However, Avramopoulos said there is a "misunderstanding" if the public believes member states should have taken in by now more than 100,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy - when in fact they have admitted just under 28,000.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called migration the "Trojan Horse of terrorism".

Claude Moraes, chairman of the Civil Liberties Committee dealing with migration, said "we urgently need to have in place an organized and compassionate response" to the plight of refugees.

Hungary, Slovakia lose fight against European Union migration deal