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Apple Store Offline For iPhone X Launch

13 September 2017

Apple unveiled its long-anticipated iPhone X during its keynote event on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater inside the company's "spaceship" campus.

The New Apple Watch Series 3 will also let you stream Apple Music on the watch, without needing your phone nearby. After months of rumours and speculation, Apple has scheduled the launch its new iPhone 8 - along with other products - for 10 a.m.

The iPhone X is expected to cost about $US1,000, a pricey psychological threshold for consumers that Apple will try to overcome with augmented reality features and other new technology. Many Android phones, including Samsung's, already have this.

The iPhone X will be available in two colors: space grey and silver.

Then Apple vice president Michael Bell reportedly sent Jobs a late-night email on November 7, 2004, explaining why they really should make the phone.

The iPhone X will cost $1799 (64GB) or $2099 (256GB).

The upgrade includes live sports and according to Apple, any HD videos previously bought through iTunes will get upgraded to 4K for free. It also comes with a futuristic price and a later launch date than it's less-powerful counterpart, iPhone 8. Apple's scale will be ARKit's main advantage with the device launching on 400-500 million devices when iOS11 goes live. Or, if you have a meeting or just want it boiled down to the most relevant stuff, check back here, where we'll be putting up detailed posts both about the new iPhones, and everything else Apple is debuting. The lone dedicated onstage demo relating to AR at today's iPhone event just highlighted a tabletop gaming title from Directive Games.

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The Series 3 cost will begin at $399 with cellular functions or $329 without cell service.

A new feature called portrait lighting for iPhone 8 Plus uses machine learning to customize lighting for portraits. Instead of the iPhone 7s, Apple has launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the direct successor (s) to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched a year ago.

As expected, Apple is also ditching the home button on this model. Expected to be launched in a new iPhone as well as other gadgets and updates.

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone X, alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - all of which support wireless charging. The Watch Series 1 remains available at $249.

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses features of the new iPhone 8. They will be available for pre-order in New Zealand on September 15 and on sale from September 22.

Apple initially marketed the Watch as a luxury item, but it has focused more on health and fitness recently.

It certainly is exciting to consider the possibilities of my own personal cloud, my internet of one, with my favorite podcasts and health data and friends on social networks in my ears and at my fingertips in a kind of aurora of data that follows me wherever I go. Your face may become your password as new 3-D recognition technology would allow you to unlock your phone and make payments.

Apple Store Offline For iPhone X Launch