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WWE Posts Storyline Update on Vince McMahon

14 September 2017

WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Kevin Owens during the shocking conclusion of Sin City SmackDown.

Owens first headbutted Mr McMahon from point blank range to leave the head honcho busted open.

This week's episode of SmackDown Live gave fans plenty to talk about. When you combine his in-ring and promo abilities, a strong case can be made that he's the best all-around performer in the business today.

Shane McMahon had attacked Owens on last week.

Hogan has showed his support for Kevin Owens in past, and after SmackDown Live he praised Vince McMahon for working with Owens and showing the rest of the crew how to get somebody over. This would send Shane over the edge as the Commissioner would attack Kevin Owens, pummeling Owens before Daniel Bryan was able to break it up.

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Owens was stared down by Stephanie McMahon after the incident, and having already taken out Vince and with Shane to come at Hell in a Cell, politician and matriarch Linda McMahon may be quaking in her boots at the possible threat from the Canadian villain.

After it was announced that Kevin will face Shane inside Hell in a Cell next month, Owens asked Vince that he could 'beat a McMahon senseless if provoked'.

I have no doubt the Hell in a Cell Match between Owens and Shane will be a spectacle.

There's already storyline history between Owens and Triple H. It was Triple H who helped Owens win the Universal Title a year ago, and this past February, Triple H was shown speaking to Owens backstage prior to Owens turning on Chris Jericho (we never did find out what Triple H said to him).

WWE Posts Storyline Update on Vince McMahon