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Apple rolls out iOS 11, ending support for 32-bit apps

20 September 2017

Robot Unicorn Attack has not yet been updated with a 64 bit version.

Even though there's no immediate need, an iOS update is a good time to through all your apps and see if there are any you need to clear out.

The new operating system is going to be restricted to running apps written in 64-bit code, meaning many older apps written in 32-bit code will stop working for users after they update their systems.

Now, it is possible to scan documents using a iOS 11 device. Apps that have been opened recently, and apps that are now open on the iPhone or Mac appear on the right side of the Dock.

Apple has also added lots of little changes to iOS 11 that could be helpful. It's no-longer spread over three panes, but all together in one panel. Moreover, a different method of authentication will also be required to let users less than 13 years of age access apps. Usually the first boot is somewhat slow as the software is settling down and your settings recalled and put in place as they originally were. You can add an Apple TV remote shortcut or a battery-saving mode shortcut for instance. However, once you know what's new in the iOS 11, the next question that pops your mind, is about whether your device will be compatible with the update, and if it is, how to install it.

This is great if you want to quickly sign a contract or just snap a business card. But to do this, one needs to tap on a previous spoken query and then edit it. The camera app will now automatically identify and scan QR codes. But the bigger changes are thankfully arriving in the Search feature. If you are getting the latest devices, you will already have iOS pre-loaded.

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This is available anywhere the keyboard is present, just hold the "emoji" icon and choose between shifting it to the left or the right.

What devices can run iOS 11? .

So far, after taking a screenshot on an iPhone, users are required to go the Photos app to view it. You can also manage your files in the new Files app, which supports cloud file services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

Instead of saving your snaps and movies in JPEG and H.264 respectively, iOS 11 has two news formats called HEIF (photos) and HEVC (videos). Apple says it now uses computer vision to loop Live Photos.

The dark horse of this update is arguably ARKit, which will have some at-launch app support. According to those numbers, games would be the category most affected by the swap, with 38,619 32-bit apps in the store at the time.

Apple rolls out iOS 11, ending support for 32-bit apps