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New Trump Travel Ban Is Now Indefinite, Still Cruel and Xenophobic

26 September 2017

The indefinite restrictions apply to citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea. Starting Sept. 1, the Trump administration has barred Americans from traveling to the North, after a USA student was sent home in a coma and later died after more than a year in detention in the North.

"No matter how the Republican White House tries to dress it up, this is the same immoral and risky ban as before, with the same discriminatory motivations and the same cruel impacts", Pelosi said in a statement.

"We can not afford to continue the failed policies of the past, which present an unacceptable danger to our country", he said.

These changes are set to take effect on October 18, though the restrictions on Sudan will be lifted immediately, as a result of security baselines established by the Trump administration. But the new proclamation removed restrictions that were placed on Sudan.

Both of Trump's orders have been blocked by judges, but the Supreme Court in June allowed it to go into effect with a significant caveat.

The Sunday proclamation could be less vulnerable to legal attack, scholars and other experts said, because it is the result of a months-long analysis of foreign vetting procedures by USA officials.

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"North Korea does not cooperate with the United States government in any respect and fails to satisfy all information-sharing requirements", the proclamation reads.

Venezuela was added Sunday to a new list of countries targeted by the United States ban, due to what it called poor security and a lack of cooperation with American authorities. The matter will be ultimately decided when the Supreme Court hears arguments on the merits of the executive order in October. It covers more countries (eight), including two that are not majority Muslim, and while its provisions vary by country, the travel restrictions are in most cases stricter. Trump during his campaign called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States".

"I think the United States understands the situation in our country is different", another Venezuelan-American, Cathirine Lynch, said. "That means that students already in the United States can finish their studies and employees of businesses in the United States who are from the targeted countries may stay for as long as their existing visas remain valid".

"The fact that Trump has added North Korea - with few visitors to the US - and a few government officials from Venezuela doesn't obfuscate the real fact that the administration's order is still a Muslim ban", said Anthony D. Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been challenging the ban in court.

The Supreme Court has not dropped hearings on the two cases against the travel ban and refugee ban all together.

New Trump Travel Ban Is Now Indefinite, Still Cruel and Xenophobic