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Houston weighs in on National Football League kneeling protests

27 September 2017

The president tweeted over the weekend: "NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN".

NBC's "Sunday Night Football" experienced its lowest television ratings of the season as NFL players continued to protest during the national anthem.

Snagging a 9.3 metered-market result and the best ratings of the season so far, last night's MNF was a thankful ratings touchdown for a league that has been losing ground in that metric so far this season and all of a year ago. Of course, in a league and at a time when ratings are down double-digits from previous year, any up will call for balloons and ice cream. The 2017 figures don't include this week's Monday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals.

To come up with overnight ratings, Nielsen takes the percentage of households watching in 56 US markets and comes up with an overnight average - so an 11.6, for instance, means that 11.6% of households in those 54 markets tuned into the game on NBC on Sunday night. In the first week of this season, the league saw a 12% drop in ratings, which was followed by a 15% one in week two, according to Nielsen.

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That's down eight percent from the Week 2 Sunday night matchup between Atlanta and Green Bay and down 10 percent from the NFL's Week 3 game a year ago. To make matters worse, Week 2 kicked off with a monotonous Thursday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans, a clash which culminated in a 13-10 slog.

Still, the dip in audience is hardly "way down" as Trump claimed again on September 24 in a separate tweet, on a weekend when he told a rally in Alabama that NFL owners should consider "firing" any player that kneels for the national anthem in solidarity with black America.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who donated money to Trump's campaign, said he was "deeply disappointed" in the president on Sunday.

In a gesture initiated last season by then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, several National Football League players have routinely "taken one knee" during the playing of the anthem. The overnight numbers for this week, combined with the generally sluggish ratings for the first two weeks of this season, are concerning to the National Football League and its TV partners, but it's still early and the National Football League is still bringing in the biggest numbers on TV. The NFL destroys every other sport in television ratings.

Houston weighs in on National Football League kneeling protests