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Florida woman arrested in 'killer clown' cold case

28 September 2017

Investigators soon began investigating 27-year-old Sheila Keen, who worked for a vehicle repossession company Michael Warren sometimes hired.

According to police, Marlene Warren, 40, was shot in her face at her Palm Beach County home's front door by someone in a clown outfit ― complete with an orange wig, red bulb nose and white facial makeup ― on the morning of May 26, 1990. They say that the person who shot Marlene was dressed as a clown and offered the victim a flower arrangement and balloons just before the shooting.

Fast-forward 27 years to September 26, when police arrested Sheila Keen Warren in Virginia.

The sheriff's office reopened the case in 2014 and has since spoken again with witnesses and conducted additional DNA analysis.

NBC News noted that detectives were told weeks after the murder that Michael Warren had been having marital problems with his wife and that he and Sheila keen had been having an affair.

Police learned the couple had married in Vegas in 2002 and began running a restaurant in Tennessee.

During the new investigation, they established probable cause and arrested Keen on a charge of first degree murder.

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Detectives haven't said anything regarding Michael being involved in his former wife's death 27 years ago.

But police did not have enough evidence to charge Warren or Sheila. The clown parked a white Chrysler convertible in Marlene Warren's driveway at 14570 Takeoff Place in Wellington.

Police learned four months after the shooting he was having an affair with a Sheila Keen. Marlene died days later at a local hospital. After calling 911, he got his keys, got into a auto and tried to find the Chrysler convertible to no avail.

In another freakish twist to the case, Michael Warren, the victim's husband, served three years in prison in 1992 on separate charges of odometer tampering, grand theft and racketeering. However, no fingerprints, or gun, or blood, or the clown suit had been discovered.

Michael was arrested for an unrelated crime and spent three years in jail before being set free and vanishing in 1997. Inside the auto, they found orange fibers, possibly from the orange clown wig, and brown hair.

Detectives investigating the homicide did find evidence to convict Michael Warren of odometer tampering, grand theft, and racketeering in the mid-90s.

Florida woman arrested in 'killer clown' cold case