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Donald Trump Has Embarrassed America And Really Needs To Stop Tweeting Now

30 September 2017

Voters say 51 - 27 percent they are embarrassed to have Trump as president.

Writing to Republican donors in a memo obtained by The New York Times in the wake of the Alabama result, Steven Law, president of the Senate Majority Fund, drew a direct comparison between congressional Republicans and the former president who GOP voters once loathed so much. In 2010, respected public opinion polling analyst Nate Silver ranked the Quinnipiac University poll as most accurate among major polls conducting surveys in two states or more.

The exception, according to Quinnipiac researchers, is that a considerable majority of Republican voters surveyed, 84 percent, said he is fit for the office. Men were evenly divided over Trump's fitness to be president by 45 percent apiece while 63 percent of women said he was not fit.

In addition, 57 percent disapproved of his performance in office while 36 percent approved, numbers virtually unchanged since August after the president cast "blame on both sides" for the white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia and said "very fine people" were among the marchers.

69% of voters want Trump to give up his Twitter account, which he has used in recent days to castigate professional athletes from the National Basketball Association and NFL, as well as his political opponents. "That is the inescapable characterisation of President Trump from voters who see race relations deteriorating on his watch".

Nearly two-thirds of participants surveyed disapproved of the President's performance when it came to race relations, ranging from 55% of whites to 95% of blacks.

Donald Trump is president. 57 percent of independent voters believed that Trump was not fit to be president.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these National Football League owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a b***h off the field right now", Trump said during a rally in Alabama.

The Fed doesn't understand the causes of inflation: Larry Kudlow
The quite hawkish remarks sent the dollar and US bonds higher as investors grew confident of another rate hike in December. The Chairlady of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen will this afternoon deliver her latest thoughts on the US economy.

The survey, released Wednesday, found 70 percent of respondents say the way Trump talks about North Korea is not helpful; only 23 percent think it helps.

"There is no upside". He fares even worse with African Americans (79% disapproval, 13% approval), Asian Americans (78%-11%) and Latinos (77%-11%). Some 61 percent say they do not share his values, and 67 percent say he is not level-headed. They refuse to see Trump as a bigot or an incompetent narcissist.

Forty-nine per cent of voters in the poll were in favor of the Democrats winning control of the Senate in 2018.

The personal rtings of Trump could not be more dismal.

59% of respondents said that Trump is not honest. The reverse is true among Republicans: 71 percent said hell in a handbasket in 2014 vs. 42 percent now.

Good marks? A majority feel he is intelligent and a strong person.

1,017 registered voters participated in the Fox News poll, which was conducted over the past few days.

Donald Trump Has Embarrassed America And Really Needs To Stop Tweeting Now