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Meet the Google Home Mini, a $49 Amazon Echo Dot Alternative

05 October 2017

The announcement of this device followed the announcement of the Google Home Mini - a miniature version of the Google Home. It's the shape of a smooth stone and should look perfectly unobtrusive on your nightstand near the newly announced Google Home Max. Google's claim is that Voice Match makes it the only personal assistant to properly identify users, and while it's been US-centric, from today, it's launching it in every Google Home-capable country. The speaker has dual 4.5-inch woofers for better bass performance.

Google also unveiled its Google Home Max, the larger version of the Home. The speaker comes with a 12-month subscription to YouTube Red, which includes YouTube Music ad-free. And while the speaker isn't quite as powerful as Home, Google says that the rounded design allows for 360-degree sound that can fill a room. The Home Mini is, of course, powered by Google's Assistant rather than Amazon's Alexa, though.

Google is playing catch up now with new Google Home improvements: aside from including support for your phone number, United Kingdom users will also be able to make phone calls with the Home, with all the U.S. features.

It has the same fabric-finish like the Google Home Mini. Furthermore, it can connect with Chromecast audio devices. It will go on sale in December, priced at £399. In practice, this means that you can literally pick up your Google Home Max and place it somewhere else in the room and it will dynamically recalibrate itself in order to account for its new location and figure out how to maximize its acoustic potential.

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Analysts seem confident the smart speaker is more than just a flash in the pan, representing the future of both home entertainment and commerce.

Max will play personalized playlist and acts as DJ, so you use your voice to play certain artists, raise or lower volume, music genres, or just sing it a diddy from a favorite song and the DJ will attempt to identify the song.

You'll find it available through other retailers on 19 October.

In the U.S. the Max will cost $399.

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Meet the Google Home Mini, a $49 Amazon Echo Dot Alternative