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Putin: Moscow handles Iraqi Kurdistan situation with care

07 October 2017

However, there was no sign of any public discord either.

While Saudi and Russian Federation helped secure a deal between OPEC and other producers to cut output until the end of March 2018, they support competing sides in Syria's civil war.

However, any discord was eclipsed by mutual expressions of respect, and the pomp and ceremony Russian officials put on to greet the Saudi king.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system, Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported on Thursday, on the sidelines of a visit by Saudi King Salman to Moscow.

"We warmly welcome King Salman and we hope that his visit would contribute to strengthening economic, political, cultural and religious relations between our countries", he stated.

"I am confident that your visit will serve as a good impetus for the development of our intergovernmental relations", he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rule out Wednesday a possible extension to a landmark Opec agreement to cap oil output, speaking ahead of talks with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

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A thaw between Moscow and Riyadh helped reach November's deal in which Opec and 10 other oil-producing countries, including Russian Federation, agreed to cut their production in a bid to combat a supply glut and shore up crude prices.

In 2016, HE Novak visited Saudi Aramco when he visited the Kingdom and met with HE Khalid Al-Falih, minister of energy, industry, and mineral resources, Saudi Arabia, and chairman, Saudi Aramco, and discussed topics of mutual interest. "Saudi Arabia cannot ride out the low oil price to the extent that many people thought it could", the analyst said on Thursday night.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia continues to present itself as a regional and worldwide player that is indispensable.

Earlier on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia thinks highly of Saudi Arabia's role in arranging talks between the Syrian government and the oppositions in Geneva.

His Saudi counterpart, Adel al-Jubeir, said new horizons had opened for Russia-Saudi ties that he could not previously have imagined.

"We aim to strengthen our relations in the interests of peace and security, in the interests of developing the world economy", the Saudi king responded, according to AFP news agency.

King Salman's visit coincides with a Russia-Saudi investment forum in Moscow in which more than 200 firms are taking part.

Putin: Moscow handles Iraqi Kurdistan situation with care