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Found the head of the journalist that went missing from submarines

08 October 2017

The freelance journalist went missing after boarding a privately built submarine with its Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, on August 10.

In a grisly case worthy of a Nordic noir thriller, Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen told reporters that divers had found bags containing her missing clothes, her head, and legs in Koge Bay, south of the Danish capital.

Bags found just one kilometer from the place where, on 21 August, found the torso of a woman.

Madsen has also denied amputating her limbs, saying he tried to bury her whole body at sea. He has denied accusations that he was responsible for her death. Police identified it as Wall's and said blood inside the submarine matched DNA samples retrieved from her hairbrush. He has been detained for a further four weeks while the body parts are investigated to try and establish a cause of death.

The Danish Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told the court that on the hard drive, which, I believe, belongs to Mr. Madsen, found footage from obezholovlenyi living women.

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Police identified the suspect when he stopped at a checkpoint and his license showed that he was the owner of the Malibu. Chernyk was cut on his face and had abrasions on his arms, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"We found a bag with Kim Wall's clothing; shirt, skirt, socks and shoes, and also a knife and lead pieces weighing them down", Moeller Jensen said.

Madsen was later captured and held in guardianship on doubt of murdering Wall. He then changed his story and said that she died in an accident, hitting his head on the door, and he was "buried at sea".

He said the police would continue to search for her arms. A capable author, her work showed up in The New York Times, the Guardian and TIME, among productions.

Madsen created the UC3 Nautilus with private funding and launched it in May 2008.

Found the head of the journalist that went missing from submarines