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Donald Trump's Newest North Korea Tweets Take Aim At Former US Presidents

10 October 2017

But Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy wants Trump to "stop doing hurtful things to the country's national security, like telling the North Koreans that there is no diplomatic path for them to give up nuclear weapons".

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said over the weekend that the country's nuclear arsenal is a "powerful deterrent" to the United States. "Agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of US negotiators", Trump wrote on Twitter.

Tensions have escalated in the wake of North Korea's repeated ballistic missile launches and sixth nuclear test last month.

"It is time for North Korea to realise that the denuclearisation is its only acceptable future", Trump asserted.

While the implication is clearly meant to be something along the lines of a calamitous nuclear war, Trump appeared much more interested in elaborating on what in his opinion hasn't worked than offering any specifics on what the "one thing" is.

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US President Donald Trump says previous administrations have talked to Pyongyang without results. Again, since all his other talking points on North Korea have been about how ready the United States is for war with them, it's a concerning direction he's pointing in. After Pyongyang claimed to have tested a powerful hydrogen bomb, James Mattis said the USA was prepared to meet any aggression with a "massive military response". The US President ever since coming to power has been very vocal and bold about actions against such nations and groups. He then added, "but we have many options to do so".

The president has often spoken of using military options against North Korea if necessary. And on Saturday, he insisted "only one thing will work" to solve the North Korean nuclear impasse.

"The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea". I believe they're trading with North Korea.

The president emphasized again that he is "unhappy" with Iran's attitude and the 2015 deal under which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief from USA and other world powers.

Donald Trump's Newest North Korea Tweets Take Aim At Former US Presidents