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Twitter's Introducing a Private Bookmarking Feature in the Near Future

11 October 2017

You could either Like a tweet or by DMing it to your self. The former option is invasive in that one might not want to broadcast the save to the tweeter, while the latter - along with third-party bookmarking services like Pocket - requires more effort. With Twitter slowly expanding tweets to 280 characters and creating a tweetstorm feature, it could be helpful to have a place to put posts that contain lots of information.

A product manager shared an early prototype of the feature which is referred to as "Save for Later" and could save users from liking and retweeting to bookmark things. In order to preserve the tweet or we can say to save the tweet, the new updated app offers "Add to Bookmarks" tool. Twitter is yet to confirm precisely when it's going to release this new feature.

As it is in its early stages, Twitter is monitoring feedback on designs and experiments via the #SaveForLater hashtag.

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Other employees from the social site also announced the ongoing progress to launch the new feature on Twitter. Now, a panel pops up with the new "Add to Bookmarks" button alongside the regular "Share via DM" button. On clicking the option, the tweet gets bookmarked and saved to the bookmark channel. They can also go through the slightly cumbersome task of direct messaging or emailing a tweet to themselves. Users access the bookmark list in the main drop-down menu that houses links for settings, lists, moments, and additional features. You can choose from these options to a particular tweet.

At the Hack Week, Twitter has begun working on a prototype of this new feature.

Chances are that the feature is revealed in Japan first, as indicated by the company executive Jesar Shah on Twitter Tuesday.

Twitter's Introducing a Private Bookmarking Feature in the Near Future