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'Breaking Bad' house owners build fence to prevent trespassers

13 October 2017

"We just feel like we can't leave because when we do, something happens", said Joanne Quintana, whose mother owns the home, in an interview with KOB4.

The house in Albuquerque's Northeast Heights neighborhood was the fictional home for Walter White, the show's central character.

For years, fans-inspired by the second episode of Season Three, in which Walter White throws a pizza on the roof of his house in frustration-have mirrored the gesture at the actual home where the show was filmed in New Mexico.

The owners state they are building a six-foot high iron fence around the house because they are exhausted of nuisances, like people telling them to close their garage or clear out of the driveway so that they can take a photo of the house.

Quintana told KOB that said she loses count of how many people come to visit the house on a weekly basis.

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On the "Better Call Saul Insider" podcast, creator Vince Gilligan even told fans to stop recreating the scene.

'We don't want to gate ourselves in, ' she told the news channel.

"They feel the need to tell us to close our garage, get out of the picture, you know - tell us what to do on our own property", Quintana told the news station.

"There is nothing original or amusing or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof", Gilligan said at the time.

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan rebuked pizza-tossing fans by saying there was "nothing original or amusing or cool" about their stunts. What you see below was the first take they shot-Bryan Cranston nails it.

'Breaking Bad' house owners build fence to prevent trespassers