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Attorneys: Briles drops libel suit against Baylor officials

The lawsuit that was filed in Llano County also asserted that Baylor officials conspired to damage Briles' reputation and keep him from getting another coaching job. Dennis Wiles, led to his suspension and termination in May. Seeking a jury trial, Shillinglaw is filing for damages suffered due to the incident. Briles has denied he knew about and failed to report alleged assaults. Read More »

UK: Trump state visit puts Queen in 'difficult position'

Equality officer for British generaal trade union GMB, Kamaljeet Jandu slammed Johnson's "waffling response" to the travel ban as "inadequate and insulting" saying it will "lead to more racial violence and abuse of Muslims and people of colour in Britain". Read More »

Reptile Dysfunction: Portland Woman Gets Python Stuck In Her Ear

Glawe was rushed to the hospital and, thankfully, Bart was removed unharmed after doctors made a small incision to her ear and used vaseline to pull Bart out. Ball pythons, by the way, aren't poisonous. The fire department arrived on the scene but could not remove the snake. Her ear was numbed and lubrication was applied to slip the animal out, CNN reports . Read More »

French parliament raided by investigators in Francois Fillon probe

From midnight, the National Front (FN) leader faces a pay cut of some 7,000 euros a month as punishment from the European Union parliament for using money earmarked for a parliamentary assistant to pay one of her own party officials. On Tuesday, the publication said the figure was actually higher, at 831,440 euros. It claims that she had been paid more than 900,000 euros as her husband parliamentary assistant and after for his successor Marc Joulaud and for her work in a magazine owned by a ... Read More »

Sponsors of Syria talks in Astana strike deal on safeguarding fragile ceasefire

The talks mark the beginning of the latest diplomatic initiative to put an end to almost six years of war in Syria, which have left much of the country in ruins, killed almost half a million people, and displaced half of the population. The intra-Syrian talks between the delegation of the government in Damascus and armed opposition groups, which took place earlier this week in Astana , may become an important turning point for the future of the Syrian settlement, Turkish Foreign Minister ... Read More »

Dutch minister launches fund against Trump's anti-abortion measure


But just like here at home, no USA dollars may ever be used to directly fund abortion services in any of the countries that benefit from this type of aid. "And there is a lot of support of promoting, but also protecting those rights". The regulation, known as the Mexico City Policy , was first put in place in 1984 by Republican President Ronald Reagan . Read More »

Pope Francis strikes blow for church 'liberals' in condom row

In a meeting with Pope Francis on Tuesday Matthew Festing (pictured above, right) offered his resignation, Knights of Malta spokeswoman Marianna Balfour revealed. One charge used against von Boeteslager concerned a program that the order's aid group participated in several years ago to help sex slaves in Myanmar, including giving them condoms to protect against HIV infection. Read More »

Top Kaspersky Worker Arrested In Russia For Alleged Treason

In a statement on January 25, Kaspersky spokeswoman Maria Shirokova confirmed a report in the Russian daily Kommersant that Ruslan Stoyanov was arrested in December. A cybersecurity researcher that heads antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab's investigation unit has been arrested in Russian Federation on charges of treason. Read More »

Melania and Ivanka Trump bring the style


In a clip that's doing the rounds, the First Lady and her billionaire husband are surrounded by the crowd on inauguration day - which fell just a day after their 12-year wedding anniversary. US Magazine reports that 10-year-old Barron Trump will return to school on Wednesday, January 25th, via private motorcade operated by the Secret Service. Read More »

Canada should step in to fill Trump's abortion 'gag rule' gap: advocate


President Donald Trump has reinstated a global anti-abortion executive order that strips funding from US-funded groups that discuss or offer abortion services. President Ronald Reagan was the first to issue the order in 1984. Exceptions are allowed in cases of rape, incest, or when someone's life is at risk. Read More »

Chuck Todd to Kellyanne Conway: "Alternative Facts Are Not Facts"

Todd initially asked her to explain why press secretary Sean Spicer was sent out Saturday to "litigate" the crowd size issue. "Look, alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods". According to estimates by Politifact , Obama's inauguration in 2009 drew in 1.8 million people and another one million in 2013, while photos for Trump's ceremony "seem to show it was fewer people than for Barack Obama's two inaugurations". Read More »

DOJ: Trump hiring Kushner doesn't violate anti-nepotism law


Kushner, an Orthodox Jew who married Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka, was named by the president a senior White House adviser, his transition team announced earlier this month. This opinion is based on a law passed in 1978 which gives the president the authority to appoint White House officials, overriding the nepotism law. Read More »

Tsunami threat called off for PNG, Solomon Islands

Initial reports by the centre initially listed Nauru, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Vanuatu, Chuuk and Indonesia as being at risk of a tsunami, but they later revised their advice. "But we know that given such a depth at which the natural disaster happened, the chances of any major damage or casualties are not highly likely", spokesman Mathew Moihoi told AFP. Read More »

Women's March Protesters Stopped at U.S. Border, Denied Entry

One group of eight travelling from Montreal were reportedly halted at the crossing that connects St Bernard de Lacolle in Quebec with Champlain in New York State on Thursday (19 January). "I think when I see a recognizable landmark I'll be like, 'Oh my God!'", she said with a laugh. "I hope it doesn't represent a closing down or a firming up of the border, or of mentalities south of the border", Dyck said, adding that he was high-fived by US border officials when he traveled south for ... Read More »

AFCON 2017: Grant repeats same squad for Mali encounter


The final whistle was greeted by wild cheers by the Black Stars fans in the stands as the side now goes on 6 points with a game against Egypt to spare. While Egypt drew on the first day, Uganda lost to Ghana and, so, will be the hungrier of the two. Mali were the better side in the second half forcing goalie Razak Brimah into four match winning saves from Bissouma, Bakary Sakho and substitutes Khalifah Coulibaly but the Ghanaians held on for maximum points. Read More »

Iraqi Forces Recapture Jonah's Tomb

ISIS still controls all of Mosul's districts west of the Tigris. The general said that on Thursday morning, "there was clashing with snipers and also (machinegun) positions, and they were dealt with by coalition aviation and now our units are going to complete the clearing operation". Read More »

Obama defends sanctions imposed on Russian Federation

Brennan denied leaking the dossier, which was compiled by a retired British intelligence officer. The diplomat contemptuously called its author a "runaway swindler from MI6", Britain's foreign intelligence agency. "How can you do anything to improve U.S". The United States and the world benefit from having constructive relations with Russia, Obama said in his final press conference on Wednesday. Read More »

Global Leaders to Discuss World's Future, Populism Rise at Davos Economic Forum

Mohammad Javad Zarif told a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos that he's taking a "wait and see" attitude about the Trump administration and "The jury is still. Xi helped kick off the event Tuesday with a speech on global trade. Senior Chinese government figures joined Xi in traveling to Davos. In terms of the Yuan, President Xi said at the World Economic Forum that China will not devalue its currency in the effort to promote trade, or start a currency war. Read More »

Your baby's favourite chew toy might not be safe

A month ago she went to clean the toy and noticed the air coming out of the holes smelled musty . "Smelly, ugly mold [was] living in my infant's favorite chew toy!" she said. Laurie Schraenen, a spokeswoman for Sophie the Giraffe recently issued a statement on being contacted by Good Housekeeping . "Cut any of them open., from rubber ducks to Sophie the Giraffe", said Howard. Read More »

Libyan wins right to sue United Kingdom officials over rendition


Belhaj has alleged that he and his wife were detained by United States intelligence officers at Bangkok airport in Thailand in 2004 when he was leader of the anti-Kadhafi Libyan Fighting Group. Straw has denied any knowledge of the incident. Meanwhile, in a linked ruling, judges also opened the door for a flood of claims by Afghan and Iraqi detainees who alleged they were tortured by British soldiers overseas. Read More »

Women Uniting in a Sisterhood of Inclusion

Mrs. Pynchon is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton which is sponsoring the bus trip. Many more will be heading to the capital independently, she said . Nicole Klungle and her husband, Sean Pratt will be at the local event. The march begins at 10 a.m. Saturday near the U.S. Capitol at the intersections of Independence Avenue and 3rd Street. Read More »