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OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): A Showdown


Trading glass for ceramic in the OnePlus 5 would not only offer increased durability but the material will also allow signals to pass through on the sensors. This is not the OnePlus 4 since the number four is bad luck in the company's home country of China. However, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei posted a few photos to Instagram teasing a phone with horizontal dual cameras. Read More »

Google redesigns event recommendations in mobile search


The feature is said to be live now by typing queries like " jazz concerts in Austin ", or " art events this weekend " into mobile search. For instance, that info card that pops up whenever you search for a famous person gives you quick access to stats like their birthday/age, their height, a quick blurb about what he/she is known for, and more. Read More »

Luigi's Death Stare Is Making A Comeback With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


However, their information does seem to confirm the game is being developed in Snowdrop, a game engine developed by Ubisoft and previously used by them in several current and upcoming titles. However, it continues, for Switch owners and new players, the game is a must-have addition and perfectly complements the critically acclaimed launch title - Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read More »

Indian police detain 3 in beating death of Muslim man


Faced with the charge of right-wing activists repeatedly taking law into their hands in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today said there is "no remedy if someone makes up his mind" to blame a particular outfit. Mall, denied that any members of Adityanath's youth force had been involved in the attack. "It was around 10 of them who had come on motorbikes, with saffron stoles tied on their heads", said Vakeel Ahmad. Read More »

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1 detailed

Nintendo has announced the content for the first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which is coming this Winter. While you'll still have to a wait few more weeks for the first DLC, Nintendo is finally detailing what you can expect from The Master Trials' combat challenge, higher difficulty, and extra map options. Read More »

Women's golf to compete against top-ranked teams in Texas


United Kingdom is one of five Southeastern Conferences teams in the 18-team Columbus Regional and one of nine SEC teams overall to make NCAA Regionals, a sign of the league's strength. Her 72.40 stroke average this season is the best in CCU women's golf single-season history. "I'm excited for our players and the Auburn Family". She said a bad fall season was hard to overcome in the rankings until key players healed from injuries in the winter and freshman Allyson Geer (Brighton) joined the ... Read More »

India seeks consular access to Jadhav; Pakistan denies


India has sought consular access 15 times but Pakistan has denied this every time. Janjua told Bambawale that "Jadhav was a serving Indian naval officer who was involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan and thus would not be given access". Read More »

Hot Switch sales boost Nintendo sales, trim quarterly loss

The earnings report also mentions annual 3DS sales, which jumped to 7.27 million units thanks to the Pokémon Sun and Moon release. This is why no one can find one. The big question mark is on holiday 2017, when Nintendo plans to release Super Mario Odyssey . Nintendo said the NES Classic launched to "widespread popularity". Read More »

Here's How Google Is Curbing Fake, Misleading Search Results


The examples were pretty unsettling, including Holocaust denials , a claim that President Barack Obama was running for a third term , and a wide range of other conspiracy theories . The American company has also updated guidance to its employees who evaluate the quality of results produced by... "Many would remember auto-generated Google search incident, which rocked the headlines in 2015, where-in India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi images popped on top, when people typed 'Top ten ... Read More »

Nokia 3310 To Be Available On 28th April, PreOrder Listing Spotted


Unfortunately, Nokia 3310 went behind the camera in 2005, at a time when several smartphones entered and dominated the mobile industry. Earlier, Nokiapoweruser reported that the company plans to launch all the three phones and the Nokia 3310 in 120 markets in the second quarter of 2017. Read More »

Nintendo Switch Sales are Off to a Roaring Start

Switch's numbers, nevertheless, are great considering its a handheld console. Analysts predict the Switch has not only met Nintendo's original target, but exceeded it by 300,000 units. According to the company, the Switch is also "one of the fastest-selling video game systems of all time". The sales reveal Zelda has over a 100% attach rate to Switch sales but also shows Zelda sold more copies for the Switch than units of the Switch. Read More »

Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2


If the iPad is not functioning the way it should have been, then taking it to the Apple authorized fix center for a servicing might end up in coming home with an Apple iPad Air 2 instead of the Apple iPad 4. At the time of replacement, users may receive a slight upgrade in storage. If you take your fourth-generation iPad into Apple for a fix, the company may replace your tablet with a newer iPad Air 2 instead. Read More »

You can now browse Instagram even when you're offline


Instagram on Android is getting (already has?) an offline mode . They will also be able to like posts, leave comments, save media or unfollow people. The Google Search app on Android queues up searches when you don't have a connection, and automatically alerts you with results when a connection comes back online. Read More »

Apple Reportedly Seducing LG Displays into OLED Production for 2018 iPhone

In reality, though, it would take a really bad delay - maybe a month or more - for Apple's top line to get dinged. The drawing hinted that the iPhone 8 would not include the home button. Readers may also be aware that rumors continually swirl about Apple potentially facing serious difficulties in getting this technology into volume manufacturing. Read More »

Anne Hathaway Threw Her Son a Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party


The giant creature in Seoul, Korea which mimics Gloria harks to the Native American Indian assertion that not a leaf trembles without being connected to a mighty far-off occurrence. Vigalondo doesn't think Colossal has one single meaning. While it might be unusual to describe an Oscar-winning, well-compensated actress as underrated, I'd argue that the pop-cultural target on Hathaway's back has kept her skilled, always-committed performances from getting their due, though that may be about ... Read More »

NYC Will Require Uber App To Allow Tipping (Eventually)


A petition created by the Independent Drivers Guild has gained 11,000 signatures in favor of electronic tipping as they strongly feel it will help drivers make a living wage. Or, another way of looking at it: since its inception, Uber has refused to do right by its drivers and allow for tipping within its app. Regardless if they are in a yellow taxi or an FHV, TLC-licensed drivers should, at a minimum, know what they are paid and how their pay is calculated. Read More »

Carrie Fisher will not appear in Star Wars Episode 9

Hamill continued to open up to the crowd about his grief over the loss of his dear friend, saying "I have been trying to deal with this". While speaking with the New York Daily News , Todd said, "Both of us were like, 'Yes, how do you take her out of it?' And the answer is you don't". Read More »

Hacked files suggest NSA penetrated SWIFT, Middle East banks

There are trillions of dollars per day that get transferred through SWIFT, with over 11,000 banks and securities organizations in over 200 countries using SWIFT. A collective of security researchers have analyzed the leaked exploits yesterday afternoon, which helped us put a list of all the exploits, here. The newly leaked set of documents were published by a group calling itself TheShadowBrokers. Read More »

Microsoft Office Zero-Day Used to Push Dridex Banking Trojan


FireEye confirmed that its researchers had shared details of the vulnerability with Microsoft and had been working with the tech giant for several weeks in request for public disclosure along with the release of a patch by the company. In a blog post , the anti-virus company also said that the unsafe malware attack is possible due to Microsoft's OLE (Object, Linking, and Embedding) technology, TNW has reported . Read More »

Google blocks invasive Burger King ad


Perhaps unsurprisingly, some folks on the internet haven't taken so kindly to Burger King's commercial, considering the ad invasive or annoying. Wikipedia, meanwhile, has yet to put the Whopper page accessed therein under lockdown, but its edit page shows a war of updates, libelously accusing the burger of containing everything from rats and toenail clippings to people. Read More »

Hillary Clinton disagrees with Trump's reason for ordering airstrikes on Syria

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, 69, has stayed largely out of the public eye in recent months besides attending Trump's inauguration and a few other public events. In her first interview since she lost, Clinton said she "wrestles" with the fact that her gender did influence the results. Palestinian writer and activist İyad el-Baghdadi also told The Independent: "The logical position of someone who supports the United States strikes on Assad should be to limit his capacity for ... Read More »

Tidal Owner Jay-Z Pulls Every Album from Spotify, Apple Music


Apple hasn't said anything, but Spotify did confirm via Twitter that Jay Z requested his catalog be removed. Since then, Tidal's expansion strategy has largely revolved around exclusive content, both new and old. Last year, Jay Z's Blueprint series was removed from streaming services as well. The two leading streaming services no longer have any of Jay Z's solo work, with only features and his projects with R. Read More »

Kona revealed as name for Hyundai's new compact SUV


Although Hyundai has only released the above teaser image, the Kona's headlights look quite different than any other existing Hyundai model, hinting that it will usher in a new design language for the brand. The automaker hasn't revealed specifications or final styling of the auto. Hyundai Motor has eight manufacturing bases and seven design & technical centres worldwide and in 2016 sold 4.86 million vehicles globally. Read More »