Friday, 22 September 2017
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Turkey Claims to Have Killed 71 US-Backed Kurds in Syria Attacks


The vote will determine whether President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will gain greater powers under a USA -style executive presidency. As for the Syrian army, the SDF operations in Raqqa and elsewhere could be a positive thing since there is an undeclared coordination between both forces, observers say. Read More »

Fault running from San Diego to LA could cause 7.3 magnitude quake


A stepover is a section in between faults where they don't directly meet. The only question is how long it will be before the "Big One" strikes. Most of the earliest quakes "appear to be quite large", between magnitude-7.0 and magnitude-7.5, said study lead author Kate Scharer of the USGS. Read More »

Cummings, Trump meeting on drug prices back on


The Congressmen pitched a House bill that would expand the federal government's ability to negotiate drug prices, and they left feeling optimistic about what Trump will do. And, Welch said, "the price is starting to kill us, we just can't afford it". The latest proposal would direct the HHS Secretary to establish a formulary. Read More »

Hawaiian Airlines plane diverts to Los Angeles over blanket incident


A Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu was diverted to Los Angeles on Wednesday when a passenger became irate after being told he had to pay $12 for a blanket. The flight attendant said the cabin was "on secured lock-down". Passenger Claudia Rodriguez, a Dallas resident, said the airline did not provide much information during the incident. Read More »

Daycare worker accused of pushing 4-year-old girl down stairs


A U.S. day care worker who allegedly pushed a child down a staircase was shocked when she looked up and saw a freshly-installed security camera. Sarah Gable was charged with assault after pushing a child down a staircase. As the 52-year-old bends over she spies the recently installed security camera and freezes momentarily. She is out on a $25,000 bail ahead of a trial. Read More »

Supreme Court Sends Gavin Grimm Transgender Rights Case Back to Appeals Court


The appeals court's decision was stayed pending the Supreme Court's decision, which means that Grimm , now a senior, is still not allowed to use the bathroom that matches his gender identity and birth certificate. However, to clarify Title IX's protections for gender identity, the appeals court called on the federal government to define whether Title IX protects against discrimination for gender identity, not just sex at birth, in the USA educational system. Read More »

Pence calls on AP to apologize over wife's publicized email

Lauren Easton, the AP's director of media relations, said the news organization removed the email address when they realized Karen Pence still used the account. The two stories suggested that the AOL email account was used by Pence to discuss seemingly confidential subjects such as terror attacks and to receive Federal Bureau of Investigation updates. Read More »

USA to temporarily suspend premium processing of H1-B visas

Although the suspension will be in force for six months from April 3, the IT industry feels that the impact will last an entire year. H-1B visas, often referred to as high-skilled visas, let US companies temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Read More »

Seven Baltimore Cops Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges


The seven officers are accused of falsely detaining people, stealing their money and property, and faking reports to cover up their crimes. One officer also is charged with dealing drugs and tipping off drug suspects. They face a maximum of 20 years in prison for each count. The action may have been in response to a complaint [text, PDF] filed in January against the police department of Baltimore . Read More »

Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman David Parry arrested in Scottsdale


The driver of the golf cart taxi (common in Scottsdale) told police he picked a group of people up from a bar and dropped them off another location. Per the report, Parry and two others were allegedly given a ride from a bar, and when the driver went to collect payment from the other two, Parry allegedly hit him in the head and stole his "transportation cart". Read More »

Justice Department Changes Position on Texas' Discriminatory Voter ID Law

Her bill would add options for Texans who say they can not "reasonably" obtain one of seven forms of ID now required at the polls, similar to court-ordered rules temporarily in place for last November's election. Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department joined the plaintiffs in arguing that the Texas law should be struck down. Now the nonprofits are left to fend for themselves in court, as Sessions, a vocal proponent of voter ID laws , and his DOJ support Texas officials. Read More »

Gunman kills girl, 8, after vehicle accident


Thomas's daughter was hit by gunfire. "I don't know who it was and I don't know why she was shooting", Thomas said. "I was going through the light and through my peripheral vision I could see a auto coming at a high rate of speed", Thomas said. Read More »

Most Americans want USA to keep funding expanded Medicaid

The plan would also scale back the ACA's Medicaid expansion, which provides coverage to roughly 12 million low-income people, according to Bloomberg's report , shifting pressure onto states to find funding streams to pay for the residents who received coverage under the expansion. Read More »

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer expelled at CPAC conference


But Schneider used the CPAC forum, held at Maryland's National Harbor just outside Washington, to make clear that from their perspective the alt-right has no place in conservativism. "We owe it to you". Trump is scheduled to speak at 10:30 a.m. Friday. Thursday will culminate with a speech from Vice-President Mike Pence. Richard Spencer's removal from the Conservative Political Action Conference ( CPAC ) came as one of the organisers attacked his views. Read More »

Baton Rouge PD thanks woman for helping police officer


The suspect, Thomas Bennett, had been found by the officer asleep in his vehicle with drug paraphernalia and became aggressive when apprehended. "You don't have time to think about it.I did what God needed me to do". He said Williams-Tillman helped Aime regain control of the situation. Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56, was being hailed as a hero, The Advocate reported . Read More »

What's open, closed on President's Day 2017?

If history is any help, stocks tend to inch higher on George Washington's birthday. "What if we don't want to celebrate all presidents?" Abraham Lincoln has it all over George Washington when it comes to Presidents Day at the Chicago History Museum. Read More »

Oakland Active Shooter: Man Armed With Rifle Detained; Interstate Reopens


Reports of an active shooter near Interstate 580 in Oakland shut down a section of the highway Friday morning and caused a lockdown at a high school, officials said. In a statement, Oakland police officer Johnna Watson said: 'This is extremely concerning for the Oakland police Department. Calls to an Oakland police spokeswoman were not returned Friday morning. Read More »

ICE detains domestic violence victim in court


Bernal plans to meet with ICE officials Friday to discuss the arrest . U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), agents detain an immigrant on October 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. And once in immigration detention, transgender women often face continued abuse at the hands of staff or other detainees - particularly when they are held with men instead of women. Read More »

McCain says he will vote against Mulvaney for OMB

Sen. Susan Collins , R-Maine, had been withholding backing for Mulvaney, conservative member of of the House from SC, but she said Wednesday that she would support him. Mick Mulvaney , a tea party lawmaker from SC, is set for a narrow confirmation to the budget office on Thursday despite opposition from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain. Read More »

6 dead, at least 6 wounded in city shootings

The man, who was in the passenger seat in front of the child also died at the scene, while the aunt, who is pregnant, was shot in the stomach. She is now in fair condition. Police said the officers thought the SUV matched the description of the vehicle wanted in the toddler's death. Footage of the shooting goes dark after the woman gets inside the home, where she pleads to her mother for help but tells her she can not go to the hospital because she might be taken to jail. Read More »

Coroner ID's Carroll County Bodies As Two Missing Teenage Girls

Kim Riley says a pathologist who began the autopsies Wednesday morning in Terre Haute was still performing them around noon Wednesday. He would not comment on any injuries the bodies appear to have suffered. Law enforcement officials say they do suspect foul play. They are of the two missing girls that went hiking Monday afternoon and never returned. This is now considered a double homicide investigation. Read More »

No foul play as cars burn at Disneyland

Disneyland confirmed the fire was on the second-floor of the lot. During the evacuation, the trams serving the structure were halted. People were allowed to return to their vehicles at around 7 p.m., police said. Darren Clark, whose family of four couldn't get to their auto because of the shutdown, told KNBC-TV: "A lot of people are just exhausted; they've been here all day". Read More »

Israel says will not admit Peru's fugitive ex-president

Some Peruvians have speculated that Toledo might have traveled to Israel, where his longtime friend, Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman, is believed to live. Overall, Odebrecht officials said the company paid officials in Peru $29 million in bribes to secure government public works contracts from 2005-14, which includes the alleged bribes under presidencies of Toledo's successors Alan Garcia and Ollanta Humala. Read More »