Monday, 20 February 2017
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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Branden Albert before releasing him


Brought in as a pass rusher, the former No. 1 overall pick collected just 1 1/2 sacks last season and was set to cost the Dolphins $10.5 million against the cap in 2017. None of the recent releases were complicated decisions for the Dolphins because of age, injury history, or lack of productivity. The Herald reports the Dolphins are also releasing defensive tackle Earl Mitchell and cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. Read More »

Missing teen girls found dead on Indiana hiking trail


The girls were identified on Wednesday, but authorities are not yet releasing the cause or manner of their deaths. Search parties scowered the area Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, and the search ended early Tuesday afternoon when the two bodies were found about three-quarters of a mile from where the girls were last seen, police said. Read More »

Beware exploding whales: New Zealand issues warning after mass stranding


I understand they're concerned about people's welfare. More than 400 pilot whales swam aground and became stranded on Golden Bay's Farewell Spit Thursday, sparking a massive rescue operation. Whales appear to have stayed out at sea following a mass stranding over the weekend. According to the BBC , the environmental group Project Johan has a plane flying over the bay to keep track of the movements of the whales that have been successfully refloated. Read More »

Republicans Introduce Bill to "Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency"

Around 30 employees at EPA's Chicago office joined a protest organized by the Sierra Club and the American Federation of Government Employees to protest Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt's nomination. "Time and again, I've seen constituents unknowingly subject themselves to the oppressive jurisdiction of the EPA by doing simple things". "No agency has more integrity when it comes to using science and being transparent than the EPA". Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Regained Its Development Costs Within a Day of Release

We're talking the multi-millions, folks - perhaps the most expensive game in the company's history (and that's including the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts III even). As for now it's great to see that there are game engines out there that have the potential of bringing even more realism to upcoming or even today's games. Read More »

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner 'fought Trump's LGBT order'


Kushner and Ivanka pushed for the White House to release a statement of its intentions, according to the report. "That's where the decision is ultimately being made". "But on this one, our base is wondering why Obama's executive order would be allowed to stand?" After a draft executive order leaked and went public, the LGBT community was braced for an executive order that would take away their protections against discrimination by businesses. Read More »

Donald Trump's pick for Army secretary drops out

Mr. Viola is now the Chairman and CEO of Virtu Financial and is one of the nation's foremost leaders in electronic trading. Viola owns the NHL's Panthers and is a majority shareholder in Virtu Financial and Eastern Air Lines. The businessman is a 1977 graduate of West Point, the USA military academy, and helped found the Combating Terrorism Centre, a privately funded research wing of the school focused on "counterterrorism policy and strategy" and "ways to confront the dynamic threat ... Read More »

HBC reportedly makes takeover approach to Macy's; shares rise

Discussions between Macy's and Hudson's Bay are preliminary and may not lead anywhere, according to the Wall Street Journal . But now, things could be changing, because Macy's stock surged more than five percent on Thursday. The department store world has been pummeled by a host of major changes in shopping patterns: Much of our spending is moving online, and these businesses have struggled to grab market share in that arena. Read More »

Homeland Security chief: Parts of border wall will be transparent

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview last week that he didn't rule out Mexico helping finance a wall but said the US would likely "front the money". "I saw the initial couple of cuts on them probably on Tuesday maybe Thursday, knew it was coming soon and then it came, ' Kelly said, replying "not at all" when asked if he was 'blindsided" by its release. Read More »

Fallout 4 Update 1.9 Next Week Brings PS4 Pro Support


Bethesda has announced a couple free updates for Fallout 4 , and the biggest one offers a graphics upgrade to the PC version of the game. In order to prepare PC gamers for this upcoming pack, Bethesda revealed the system requirements for it. Read More »

Why Did Apple Just File a Vaporizer Patent?


A patent proposes that Apple may be working on its own high-tech vaporizer unit that uses high temperatures to "cause the substance to sublimate or vaporize". Perhaps most important to consider is the fact that Apple merely filed for a patent and if history is any indication, Apple doesn't follow through on what it files. Read More »

Protesters set to gather at border wall - of Mark Zuckerberg's Hawaiian estate


At the time, Forbes Magazine described the estate as a "secluded" property for Zuckerberg's family. The news is a win for natives, who planned to protest the lawsuits this weekend, according to Business Insider . Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has chose to backtrack on his decision to sue hundreds of native Hawaiians, which would have likely forced the families to sell their land at a public court auction to the highest bidder. Read More »

A wasp horror story that makes you glad you're not an insect

The host, Bassettia pallida , usually matures into a crypt (the gull). The team hopes to expand on this study in order to figure out how the crypt-keepers manage to change the gall wasp's behavior. "One hard thing is that we can't see what's happening until they come out", Weinersmith said. Beyond that, the crypt-keeper wasps are just one of the few hypermanipulators, which are parasites that manipulate the behavior of parasites that are manipulative themselves. Read More »

Halliburton Company Q4 Profit Retreats 87%

The correct version of this story can be viewed at 2,611 shares were sold by McKeon Timothy, worth $142,300 on Wednesday, November 30. Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL ) last released its earnings results on Monday, January 23rd. Read More »

Trump To Automakers: "Welcome" To The Dictatorship


Trump did not meet with executives from foreign brand automakers that also build cars in the US, although several have announced recent plant expansions. General Motors too followed suit, announcing a $1 billion investment into its existing factories, on top of a $2.9 billion investment announcement a year ago, accounting for the retainment of 1500 jobs, according to GM. Read More »

Super Bowl LI half set following NFC Championship


Green Bay has Eddie Lacy and James Starks on the shelf with injuries , so it will turn to Ty Montgomery, who did not play when these two teams met in late-October. "We'll take care of it". Atlanta's defense, which has had its moments but never developed into a consistent unit, dominated from start to end on Sunday. Read More »

2016 declared hottest year on record


In 2016, the average surface temperatures was recorded at 1.1C higher the levels recorded before the industrial revolution, when the large-scale burning of fossil fuel commenced. The Arctic was almost 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit hotter past year than in preindustrial period, a "very large change" according to Goddard Institute for Space Studies director Gavin Schmidt. Read More »

The 3 graphics showing how 2016 was the warmest year on record

Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies, says that 12 percent of last year's record heat was caused by the cyclical El Niño phenomenon, while the rest likely originated with burning of fossil fuels. That is, until 2015, which replaced it as the warmest year on record. Warmer temperatures melt its ice and snow, which reflect sunlight back into space, producing water, which absorbs rather than reflects that heat, causing a vicious cycle. Read More »

Nintendo Switch: Arms won't require Joy-Con motion controls to play

With the Nintendo Switch acting as both a fully portable system and a TV-based console, you might think the hardware is meant to serve as a replacement for both the Wii U and the 3DS. Despite Fils-Aime's recent statements, we still don't have official confirmations of a Super Smash Bros . game for the Switch. Players can play against each other with two consoles. Read More »