Friday, 22 September 2017
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Trump wins Michigan's 16 electoral votes


Other potential candidates are outspoken former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani; David Petraeus, the celebrated general who later resigned as Central Intelligence Agency director and pleaded guilty to showing classified material to his mistress; and Bob Corker, a Republican lawmaker and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Read More »

Is ransomware targeting Facebook Messenger users?


As for the threat itself, "we maintain a number of automated systems to help stop harmful links and files from appearing on Facebook, and we are already blocking these ones from our platform", the Facebook spokesperson noted. It totally bypassed the file extension filters that were active on the account. Effectively the problem impacted only a few end-users, while in case Facebook feels any suspicious activity within any user's account, the company will notify that person when he next logs in. Read More »

Japan plans to build the world's largest super computer


China has built now the next world's fastest supercomputer but Japan is preparing to win the supercomputer race again, with a 130-petaflops machine. The country's leading supercomputer has not ranked first in the world since November 2011 and now finishes outside the top five, according to, which standardizes and ranks global superpowers. Read More »

Mourinho reveals why he dropped Rooney

The managers have clashed repeatedly over the years, either on the touchline — Wenger once shoved Mourinho in the chest following an argument in the technical area — or via verbal barbs in news conferences. And, that word again, respect. "I have a very good feeling with Andre Marriner, he is the kind of referee that if he makes mistakes against my team I know that there is no intention", Mourinho said. Read More »

Rebel leaders arrive in Bogota to sign new peace deal


The agreement is then expected to be approved by the country's Congress, where the ruling centre-right coalition National Unity has a majority. Mr Santos said implementing the accord in the shortest time possible would prevent a fragile ceasefire from falling apart. Read More »

Trump Tells Apple CEO Directly To Shift Production


The call, which Apple is yet to comment publicly on, apparently saw Trump discuss "incentives" and "a very large tax cut for corporations" which, presumably, would be created to offset the increased costs of domestic production. appears to have gone out with them. A report earlier in November suggested that the Cupertino firm had discussed the idea of doing more manufacturing on its home turf with two of its biggest partners overseas. Read More »

Grounded whale in Long Island bay appears to be ailing


The shallow bay has rarely been the site of whale visits. A medical team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made the decision to euthanize the animal, according to a NYS DEC official. The mammal got stuck on a sandbar in Moriches Bay, east of New York's Hamptons, over the weekend and had been the area for more than a week before that. Read More »

Drake, Justin Bieber rule American Music Awards

The Grammy-winning rapper broke Michael Jackson's record for most AMA nominations after scoring 13 nominations. Despite an overwhelming lead in American Music Award nominations, Drake has already been knocked out of the running for artist of the year by fan votes. Read More »

Trump Backs Off Campaign Promises On Climate Change

Trump's position on climate change and the Paris agreement are one of numerous hard-line policies he has appeared to soften since his November 8 election victory. Kerry will arrive later in the week and is expected to address some of the questions about the unexpected change in direction by the US. The participating members are all part of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) - an global partnership of countries who are highly vulnerable to a warming planet. Read More »

Cyrus Mistry fires fresh salvo at Ratan Tata


He demanded that Tata Sons withdraw its notice or prove its allegations within two days, failing which he would take up civil and criminal proceedings. But a source close to Mistry said that to imply that leaving board meeting midway is alright if stock markets are closed is "a joke". Questioning Wadia's role as an independence director, Tata Sons accused him of "galvanising independent directors and acting prejudicially". Read More »

HTC launches three new smartphone models


The smartphone is already available on pre-order in Taiwan and shipping starts from November 28. What might be the most interesting aspect about the phone is that HTC isn't partnering with anyone to help push HTC 10 Evo sales. Not exactly the highest but still better than the HTC 10's IP53. The audio system of HTC 10 Evo is well updated. There's also a secondary 8MP camera in the front. Read More »

Chinese manufacturers lead smartphone growth


Following on from Samsung's colossal Note7 fallout, new IDC stats have provided a little more depth as to how its sales have affected the smartphone market. The survey showed that a majority of respondents said it would not impact future decisions to buy other, non-smartphone Samsung products such as televisions and appliances. Read More »

You might be able to buy your next vehicle straight from Amazon


Therefore, after buyers have clicked through the purchase transaction, Amazon will contact them to have buyers choose a regular dealership where buyers will complete their purchase and pick up their new auto. Moreover, the partnership suggests that the vehicles would be ready within two weeks of buyers' initial click. The process of buying a vehicle through Amazon is actually quite simple. Read More »

PS4 Pro Support Coming to Fallout 4


A few months earlier, Bethesda said that it will be adding a Fallout 4 mod support. Additionally, Howard dismissed the idea of a paid mod system similar to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Though it is limited , it's still great to see PS4 owners getting the chance to mod their games. The new 1.8 patch is now available for PC only, though. Read More »

Black Friday 2016: What time do the stores open?


Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday , and is known as a day for all online retailers to have sales. This is where you should know about Black Friday to pick up some really good bargains. While Cyber Monday holds an edge over Black Friday on laptop deals , it's a slight one. Often, if you find a better price at another store within the return period of the product you've purchased, the original store will match the price after the fact by giving you back the difference in ... Read More »

Best Black Friday 2016 Google Pixel Deals From Verizon And Best Buy

It's not all that uncommon for technology sites to suspend accounts for violating terms of service, but a conglomerate such as Google can often overcompensate for bad behavior by punishing people too hard for minor infractions. Dan's Deals , a bargain hunting website, says the New Hampshire seller then resold these devices to people, splitting profit with the buyers. Google has now lifted a controversial ban which wiped out the digital identities - meaning Gmail accounts, access ... Read More »

Facebook announces $6bn stock buyback amid fake news debacle

Facebook further added that the execution of the $6 billion stock buyback by the company will be "consistent with the Company's capital allocation strategy of prioritizing investment to grow the business over the long term". After nine years, he will leave the company in mid-February. Usually a stock buyback program is a way to repay investors with cash now sitting in the bank. Read More »

Qualcomm, Samsung Hit 10nm On Snapdragon 835 SoC


That said, the use of a 10nm FinFET technology is said to make the chip almost 30 percent better in terms of area efficiency, 27 percent more powerful and last but not the least, almost 40 percent lighter on battery. And new features extends the longevity of the battery - Qualcomm said it will maintain at least 80 percent of its original capacity after 500 charge cycles. Read More »

Russian Federation to block LinkedIn access in the country


Authorities had never enforced the law and LinkedIn would be the first to be affected by the legislation now that the company's appeal has been rejected. LinkedIn has 2.6 million users who access the site from computers and phones in Russian Federation, according to the marketing research firm TNS. Read More »

US businesses urge Trump to back Paris deal


The U.S. -China partnership on climate change forged by Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping paved the way for the Paris deal to come together after years of mutual distrust. Paul Bledsoe, a former Clinton White House climate adviser, said clean energy and efficiency investments by USA businesses and consumers are likely to keep American emissions falling overall. Read More »

Now even Twitter is copying Snapchat


Announced in a tweet from a Twitter designer, users can now create custom QR codes to make it easier to follow and discover accounts... Scan this QR code to follow me, because I'm an interesting guy you probably wanna follow. Not having QR codes was a major existential threat to the social network as a business. On iOS, you'll also need to first navigate to the profile page. Read More »

Kobach past experiences could shape early days of Trump Administration

Trump has not even been inaugurated and already we need to revisit the words of Protestant pastor Martin Niemöller, who warned of acquiescing to the Nazi hate movement. Tracy believes the rest of Trump's pledges to toughen up on illegal immigration will come, and that right now, he's just putting first things first. Read More »

Ban Ki-Moon Predicts Trump Will Change Views on Climate Change

The elephant in the room at Marrakech was, of course, US President-elect Donald Trump, who pledged in his campaign to pull the US out of the global climate deal. "The Paris Agreement has come into force in a record time, which once seemed to be unthinkable, now has become unstoppable", the secretary-general told a press conference here during United Nations conference on climate change. Read More »

Tinder Now Lets Users Identify As Genders Other Than Male Or Female


They can also choose for their profile to appear in search categories that best match their identity. Some were harassed due to their gender, while others were reported to the company just because of who they are. Under the hashtag #AllTypesAllSwipes, Tinder will today roll out more gender options including "Transgender", "Trans woman/man" or even to a tailored gender, such as "Trans...x". Read More »