Friday, 22 September 2017
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Microsoft and Intel create a smarter Cortana and enhanced PCs

Devices built around Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processors will, the companies have jointly announced , be able to run Windows 10 - and this time it's truly the same release of Windows you'd find on an x86/AMD64 device. About 2 months ago Microsoft demonstrated new Windows Defender app which is now available in Windows Store. The latest security capabilities to protect devices from malware and hacking threats, advances in biometric authentication with Windows Hello, sophisticated ... Read More »

Piece of dinosaur tail trapped in amber a 'spectacular' find

The tip of the tail belonged to a non-avialan theropod and was sealed in the tree resin 99 million years ago. The fossilized tail, discovered by Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences in 2015 in a Myanmar amber market in 2015, marked "the first time skeletal material from a dinosaur has been found in amber", the paleontologist said in an interview with the New York Times . Read More »

Carrier union chief says he's willing to work with Trump


As it turns out, some of those 800 jobs will be phased out, too-in favor of robots. "We're going to... automate to drive the cost down so that we can continue to be competitive", Hayes said. The Washington Post also mentioned how Trump claimed that a Carrier employee had appeared on NBC after the election and said that Trump promised their jobs wouldn't be sent overseas. Read More »

Former astronaut, US Sen. John Glenn is hospitalized in Ohio

He said Glenn "was a hero and inspired generations of future explorers". Glenn also served as a Marine combat pilot and he represented OH in the US Senate for more than two decades. In 1974, he was elected to represent OH in the US Senate. John Glenn, one of the world's most experienced space travelers and an avid politician, has passed away at 95. Read More »

Police urge no rush to judgment in shooting of Reno student


One student, Madison Davidson, 14, said she heard people yelling but did not know what to think. A student, Robert Barragan, told the Gazette-Journal that two male students were fighting outside the school library before a police officer shot the knife-wielding student in the shoulder. Read More »

Amazon Go is a store with no checkouts

Amazon's system makes use of technology that can also be found in self-driving cars. Although it may sound like a shoplifter's dream, know that the store uses something called "Just Walk Out technology", which can track when items have been removed from the shelves. Read More »

Arctic sea ice hits record monthly low for 7th time in 2016


The Northern and Southern Hemisphere ice records mean that global ice extent has also hit a record low, but as the NSIDC noted, that metric is not useful for explaining what is going on at either pole, and is not an accurate way to track longterm ice trends due to global warming. Read More »

NASA building robotic spacecraft to refuel, fix satellites in orbit


Lifespan of satellite mission is limited now as they carry limited amount of fuel. It's being created to rendezvous with, grasp, refuel, and relocate a government-owned satellite while in Earth orbit. The mission could be ready for launch in year 2020 if everything goes as per plan. NASA has been under pressure to reduce cost of its space missions. Read More »

Apple has a big problem with the iPhone 6S randomly shutting down

And given that it's a flaw that affects the phone's battery, you can understand why Apple is stressing that it's not a safety issue - no phone maker wants to be known as the next Samsung. In addition, consumers with iPhone 6s models built outside the September and October 2015 date range have also reported the problem. The company searched for possible factors that could cause an iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. Read More »

Specifications of the upcoming Microsoft Surface 5 leak

Although Microsoft remains silent on the improvement of Surface Pro 5, this Windows 10 device could also be a better MacBook Pro alternative. It is also said that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to come with Windows 10 Redstone 2 and it should have the OS straight out of the box. Read More »

Google will soon deliver on 100% renewables promise


It's broadening its purchases to make sure that renewable power is available every hour of every day, and it plans to shift more of its attention to buying energy in the regions where it operates. The company will meet this milestone through a combination of direct purchases from renewable developers and through partnerships with utility providers. Read More »

Russian supply ship launched to International Space Station

The three-person launches from Kazakhstan will also drop from four to perhaps two times per year once NASA changes its delivery model. "As we get updates from (the Russian federal space agency) Roscosmos , we will provide them". "Our astronauts and the Russian cosmonauts are safe aboard the station", NASA said. But once the rocket's third stage began firing, radio transmissions became garbled. Read More »

Blitzboks hammer NZ Sevens in Dubai Cup quarter final

The motto will be the guiding principle behind TAG Heuer's operations throughout the season and #DontCrackUnderPressure and spotlight videos, highlighting numerous high pressure moments in the game, will feature on World Rugby platforms. Landry, Williams and Britt Benn scored tries in the win over South Africa. South Africa, so impressive over the two days of the competition, won a thrilling final 26-14 as late tries from man of the match Chris Dry and the prolific Seabelo Senatla took them ... Read More »

Bowe Bergdahl wants a pardon - just not from Trump


The Obama administration's decision in May 2014 to exchange him for five Taliban prisoners being held at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, touched off a firestorm of criticism, with some Republicans accusing Obama of jeopardizing the safety of a nation for a deserter. Read More »

US payrolls rise solidly; jobless rate at 9-year low


The professional and business services sector (which includes jobs like accounting and bookkeeping services, administrative support, and management and technical consulting) added 63,000 jobs in November; this brings its tally to 571,000 jobs added for the year. Read More »

What's Hot and What's Not from this weekend in the Premier League

If we want to be there at the end we have to finish above them". Pedro and Victor Moses got the goals on Saturday evening to give the Blues their seventh successive victory, and keep Antonio Conte's side one point clear of Liverpool and Manchester City, who are in second and third place respectively. Read More »

Twitter Buys Little-Known Startup to Gain New Head of Product


In yesterday's post, Yes said it would be shutting down its two apps in the coming weeks so that it can focus entirely on its new efforts. The Yes Team in its official blog post wrote about the acquisition, "Today, we're excited to announce a new chapter in the journey: Yes will be joining Twitter!" Yes could be a great change for Twitter, which has been criticized for taking too long to ship product changes. Read More »

'Pac-Man' 'Galaga' 'Space Invaders' And More Games Now Available


This new feature is all about attracting more users to use Facebook's platform each day and enjoy it. The social networking giant has launched a new way to play games on its messaging app, the Wall Street Journal reports. Facebook recently released a PC gaming platform named the " Gameroom " while Facebook Live is one of the streaming tool used by the Blizzard game. Read More »

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Is in Development and Will Release in 2017


A forum post at NeoGAF has suggested that Marvel vs. Capcom 4 could be announced at next week's Playstation Experience event. While there's no doubt the X-Men have a passionate fanbase, it seems that Marvel vs. There are Marvel vs Capcom 4 Rise of the Reveals rumors that have been circulating the Internet and it has led many Marvel vs Capcom fans confused as to whether or not they are true. Read More »

100 new creatures tipped for Pokemon Go update in December


Like we said, these are some of the most demanded features so it will be great news if the rumors are true. The Pokemon has the ability to mimic other Pokemon . "We'll have more details on those in the weeks ahead, but that was a core part of our strategy for Ingress ", Quigley revealed. The reasons behind this could be found in Niantic's previous decisions and strategies regarding the updates in the mobile title. Read More »

5000 fish in ice at Japan skating rink cause uproar

It contained 5000 dead sprats, mackerel and other forms of fish, according to JapanTimes via TheGuardian . "There are more than 500 pupils already booked in, so we are looking at introducing morning sessions to accommodate them all". Read More »

This Is How The Recount Could Actually Impact The Election Results


Those states had voted Democratic in recent presidential elections but all voted narrowly in favor of the Republican Trump in this month's election. Last week, her campaign successfully filed for similar efforts in Wisconsin, and this week she will file for a recount in MI, where the deadline is Wednesday. Read More »

Google's Pixel captures 10 per cent premium smartphone market share in India

Pixel , Google's expanded text ads , a fourth mobile ad unit and Maps should add $6.5 billion combined to Google's total revenue in 2017, Nowak estimated. Pixel will also be the first phone with Google Assistant built in and promises an exceptional photography experience. For the time being, that response is as good as we'll get, though it hopefully implies that Google's latest smartphones will soon become compatible with the Gear S3 version of Samsung Pay . Read More »

Consoles for $213, recent games for $10, and more Cyber Monday deals

Buying a new console is totally justified when you have a couple of games along with the bundle. The Mega Bundle: PS4 500GB, Xbox One 500GB and Wii U 32GB (All Pre-owned) for $599.99 at Gamestop . Should one be looking for more than just the console systems, check out GameStop's Cyber Monday sale and Best Buy's Cyber Monday sale for more details on what each respective store is offering. Read More »